TURO Hosts

My partner and I have fun being Turo hosts together
It started with a discussion on what car we should get next for ourselves and ended with what car should we get next for our small business. Turo funds our love of cars and ambitions to be entrepreneurs.
Wild Beyond
This was our first car on Turo, a 2014 Corvette Stingray 3LT Z51.
Half and half
I take on growth, finances, and marketing while my partner handles most of our customer success. We have different skill sets that complement each other.
• Growth
• Cost savings
• Market niche
• Social Media
• Competitive Research
I take and edit our photos. There's a balance between showing off a car's form and function in our listings.
light speeds ahead
Within three quarters of starting our business on the platform, we earned the Power Host status and put ourselves on the leaderboard for top Bay Area hosts.

We're known for our best-in-class customer service and listings; in fact, we're often used as examples for existing hosts and upcoming hosts.

Our customers love the experience of taking our cars out onto the road and we're now well into the triple digits in bookings and 5-star ratings.
Up Next
We're working on growing our fleet. We’re gunning to become the top hosts for luxury supercars.