Redesigning the Ebates Experience

UX & UI Lead. Art Direction. 2012 - 2015.

Ebates is one of the strongest brands in cash back shopping, but to continue growing in a competitive shopping industry, Ebates needed to update the its experience. Recognizing the divide between its web and mobile experience and today’s user expectations, Ebates wanted the new pages to refresh the way it communicated with its members. After all, online shopping should be easy, engaging and personal.


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Constant Innovation

UX. Visual Design. 2016.

CA Technologies needed a site to house its insights and products. In the R3 phase of redesign, CA Technologies requested company pages that showcased their standing as industry leaders. The task: 30 pages in 7 weeks. The team: 3 UX and 4 Visual Designers. The result: a responsive site that was both beautiful and adaptive to constant innovation.



Personal Work

UX & UI. Illustration.

I've loved video games since my dad first introduced Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo to me. That lead to an interest in computers and eventually digital design. Thanks dad, now I'm a big nerd. When I can, I love to marry my two biggest thrills—design and games. These are the results.


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